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The School of French of the Alliance Française de Pasadena
Established in 1992, our School of French has grown over fifteen years from an initial enrollment of four students to more than one hundred and fifty today. A teaching staff of 15 professionals (a director, an assistant director and twelve teachers) are supplemented and strengthened by the volunteer activities of dedicated members of the Alliance, who administer the financial management, publicity, library and fund-raising events.

Learn French with the French!
This is the motto of our school. All of our teachers are native French speakers by birth and/or education. We use the same basic and proven methods of teaching as practiced by the Alliance Française in Paris. Our teachers use a blend of teaching aides, including audio-visual, television, textbooks and one-on-one conversation. French language teaching is reinforced through the study of French culture, history and geography.

Who are our students? Where do they come from?
We welcome students from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all ages. New students are evaluated through an online placement test or by one of our teachers during the annual open house. We are as flexible as possible with the timing of classes, day or evening, in order to accommodate all needs.

Adults enroll in our classes for various reasons. Some, planning a trip abroad, may want to brush up on their high school French or acquire enough fluency to be comfortable in France. Others may hope to fulfill a lifelong dream of complete proficiency. Still others may have French relatives or may want to use their spare time productively while indulging their fascination with France.

Our classes for adolescents and children cater to French-speaking parents who wish to assure that their children become bilingual. Other parents may simply want to encourage their child's ability to assimilate a second language at a young age.

French à la carte
The numbers quoted earlier are only partial indicators of the growth of our school. Since its inception, the school has constantly diversified its teaching in order to offer a large array of alternatives. An extremely successful example is the immersion class, held monthly, with six hours of conversation on a particular theme, punctuated by an equally conversational lunch. We welcome suggestions and are open to the creation, arrangement, and development of any type of class to suit the particular needs of an individual or special group.

Classes "on site"
We can organize classes “on site” for schools, international companies and companies with sales representatives or offices in French speaking locations. Classes can range from individual coaching to group seminars, and can be held during business hours or, more usually, during lunch breaks or after-hours at the company premises.

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